Episode One: Backyard Chickens


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Our Virtual Coop Tour

Come visit our chicken coop! Ours came from a friend’s backyard, and there are so many clever little details that we wouldn’t have thought of if we were building from scratch. See them up close on our photo coop tour, and meet our birds while you’re at it!


A great resource for raising chickens. Don’t miss their free Guide for Chicken Care, which will walk you through caring for your chicks, building a coop, and raising your chickens. The Breed Selector Tool lets you search for breeds by hardiness, egg color, and temperament, and includes photos and detailed descriptions of many breeds. The site also offers a variety of coops, plans, supplies, and even chicks (though we think your best bet is to go chick-shopping at your local farm supply or feed store.)

UC Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Catalog & Free Publications

Lots of useful material here on a wide array of farming-related topics, many of which will be of interest to the backyard farmer. Click on “Animal Science” to browse pubications such as Selecting Chickens for Home Use, Common Lice and Mites of Poultry, Community Farming of Poultry, and Egg Incubation.


A forum for all manner of chicken-related discussion: coop design, breeding, illnesses, raising chicks, diet, eggs…

Boorinakis Harper Ranch

Our farm Web site! Don’t miss our blog, where we post news, photos, how-to’s and more.


Check your local library for these books:

Living With Chickens, by Jay Rossier

An ideal introduction to chicken-keeping, Living With Chickens covers all stages of the chicken’s life cycle, from hatching and raising chicks to slaughtering for meat (if that’s your eventual intention.) Detailed guidance on building a coop and raising healthy, happy chickens, with beautiful photos throughout that will inspire you to start your own backyard flock. Read it here for free on Google Books.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, by Gail Damerow

In-depth instruction on just about everything chicken-related. This one might be a bit overwhelming for a first-time chicken-keeper, but if you’re going to buy a chicken guidebook, it’s better to have too much information than too little.
Read it here for free on Google Books.

Chicken coops: 45 building plans for housing your flock
By Judy Pangman

A nice variety of coop ideas and inspiration for flocks of all sizes, including chicken tractors and other mobile units. Here on Google Books.

Building Chicken Coops: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, by Gail Damerow

A good, concise overview of coop construction and considerations.


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